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Encouraging Quotes February 19, 2010

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I found myself adding to my “encouraging quote list” that I keep in my home management notebook (more details about that later) and thought that I would share a few of my favorites with you. Be ENCOURAGED! 🙂

  • “Grace is the hospitality of God to welcome sinners not because of their goodness but because of his glory.” –John Piper


  • “We practice hospitality because we first received hospitality.”-John Piper “Therefore do it (hospitality) with joy” –Girl Talk Blog


  • “The most important job we have as mothers is to preach the Gospel to our children.” –Girl Talk Blog


  • “Discernment comes from sound doctrine not subjective impressions.” –CJ Mahaney


  • “Confidence in Truth is the foundation of who he is (referring to Paul in Bible).” –Dr. Leiderbach, SEBTS


  • “My husband is a false savior; my deepest desire will not be satisfied by my husband but by Christ.” –This is my summary of a sermon I heard a while back. I quite honestly don’t remember who the sermon was by.


  • “We have the Gospel and God has graced us with the personnel and resources to get the good news of Jesus to them [nations]”. –Dr. Danny Akin, SEBTS


  • “Hospitality often results in unexpected blessing & reward, so let us not neglect hospitality, my friends, but be eager to extend God’s love to others. We never know what blessing God has in store for us.”- Nicole Whitacre


  • “The purpose of womanhood is to show the beauty of Christ.” –David Platt


  • “Women, you have a God-entrusted responsibility to create a God-centered home.” –David Platt

Sermons on Marriage February 17, 2010

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I’m learning that one can never learn too much wisdom about the precious gift of marriage. It’s such a precious gift from the Lord. I’ll never be a wife who “has it all together”. I’m a sinner in need of my Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s only by his grace that I can attempt to pursue being an “excellent wife”. It occurred to me over recent days that I’ve focused so much on the “externalities” of building a home (cleaning, cooking, organizing, scheduling, budgeting, grocery shopping, decorating, etc. etc. etc.) that in my day to day routine I haven’t even given much THOUGHT to “internalities” of the home. I just figured they were already there; that I didn’t really need to work on them intentionally but that they would just “happen”. Ladies, I was wrong, and if we are truly to work at making our homes a haven to our husbands and families where the Lord is treasured & honored, then we HAVE to be intentional about it. We can’t just assume its happening because we go through our daily routine of “wifely to-do” lists. Below are a list of sermons that will help us all pursue loving Jesus Christ through our homes and families (the “internalities” I mentioned earlier). I’ve included sermons on “Biblical Manhood” and being a “Biblical Father” because I think those sermons help us as wives, understand what our man’s world is like, and thus love him better. I pray that you are encouraged by these sermons. Enjoy & Be Challenged!



Blogs I’m Lovin’ February 16, 2010

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I just found a new favorite blog today thanks to a Facebook Newsfeed:)

  • From only reviewing the first few pages of this blog, I can see that this woman loves Jesus & gives some great practical homemaking advice and at the same time addresses the heart behind it all. I’m excited to explore this blog a bit more!

Below are some other blogs that I’ve found really encouraging, practical, and just enjoyable:

  • Simple Mom, Tsh O., always has a fun topic up her sleeve. She addresses a lot of topics that I would never even CONSIDER reading but the way she writes about them intrigues me and introduces me to whole new aspects of homemaking. I recommend checking out her recipes, home management NOTEBOOK (oh an INGENIOUS idea for a visual lady such as myself), organizing ideas, and just oh so much more.


  • Simple Mom just expanded to Simple Living Media. “Simple Bites” is a new branch of this. It’s a baby blog with only a handful of posts at the moment, but I’m very excited to see the new kitchen tips & recipes soon to be posted. I’m MOST excited about the “Quick Bites” topic. It’s supposed to be on quick, easy, and DELICOUS meals 🙂 Being a fast paced person (better put, just impatient) I REALLY enjoy QUICK yet EASY yet YUMMY meals. Oh & healthy at the same time;-) I know I have high expectations, but hey, I’m hoping this new blog will be a great resource for my food-making desires:)



  • Veronique Peterson is the author of this blog & a friend of mine that I much admire. She loves Jesus, she’s vulnerable about life, but she never fails to point to the hope of Jesus for sinners. I highly recommend her blog for tips about Recipes, Frugal Living, and just for great encouragement in general. I know you’ll be blessed.


  • I’ve only tried a handful of her recipes, but this is seeming to be an EXCELLENT resource for yummy meals🙂


    A blog of four amazing women who love the Lord. I’m so thankful for their influence of writing in my life! You’ve gotta check this out;-)


I’ve got a few more blogs up my sleeve that I’m wanting to check out so as I find them, I’ll be sure to share;-)

I hope these blogs ENCOURAGE YOU!
Do you have a favorite homemaking blog? Oh PUH-leeze send it my way by leaving a comment:) I love this stuff! Thanks!