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Date Nite:) March 12, 2010

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This blog was inspired by Veronique’s blog post, “Date Nights“:) Thanks Ver, for the inspiration:)

Her blog was about the importance of “Date Nights” and I completely agree. Kenny and I have only been married a year & 3 mos. but we were given the advice to start our marriage with the weekly tradition of a date night and it has been such a fun blessing:) This blogpost will address 1) the importance of date nights 2) Date night ideas for a $10 & beyond budget and 2) Date night ideas on a BUDGET of FREE-$10

First, I would like to say that Date Nights are an INVESTMENT in your marriage. No matter what your budget is, they are to be prioritized, valued, and budgeted for accordingly. You WILL budget for what is important to you. If that means, skipping a haircut for a month, getting rid of cable TV, lowering your grocery budget, getting a cheaper cell phone plan, etc., then your marriage is completely worth it:) Make it a PRIORITY.

Second, here comes the fun date night ideas part. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add your own to this list by commenting:) I WOULD TOTALLY LOVE TO BENEFIT FROM YOUR IDEAS:)

  • Date Nights $10 & beyond:)
    • IMAX movie date night– kick the regular movie going up a notch and go to a movie EXPERIENCE:) Kenny & I saw A Christmas Carol at the IMAX….holy cow…amazing….we can’t wait to save up and go again:) (tickets: about $22 for two)
    • Red Robin! We just LOVE their burgers and it’s always a filling treat. This can also go in the $10-$20 budget range if you sign up for their birthday club (you can get a free burger:), your spouse can get the other, and whoala, a cheaper date night:) ) OR SPLIT a plate. The fries are UNENDING, so get a rather large burger, endless fries and have a good time:)
    • Go ICESKATING:) Oh so much fun! (where we live it’s about $22 for two) Remember your mittens:) Even if you’re clumsy (ahem…like myself), its fun just to hang out on the ice. Go out for coffee/hot cocoa afterwards:)
    • P.F. CHANGS! our all-time hands down favorite restaurant….I’m certain there are others out there, but we a)haven’t found them and b) probably couldn’t afford them;-) We can spend anywhere from $25-$55 when we go so it’s definitely a treat:)
    • Rent Kayaks/Go on a kayak trip
    • Rock-climbing!! Go to an indoor rock climbing gym…if you’re REAL adventurous, try the real thing (then let me know how it goes;-) ) (I think this can tally up to being about $20 for two people…the INDOOR rockclimbing gym, that is;-))
    • DRIVE IN MOVIE!! Eat dinner & watch movies all at the same place. With dinner & a movie, this can be $15-$20 TOTAL:)
  • Date Nights $FREE-$10 budget
    • A fancy ice cream place- coldstone creamery (oooo heavenly:)), your local ice cream shop (ours serves gelato- yummy:)
    • Have a movie/favorite tv show marathon. We did this with the Office in their earlier…and cleaner..seasons. We just used ordered the seasons from netflix ($9.99/mo.). Recently, we’ve been watching through the Harry Potter movies (for free, thanks to our kind friends, Levi & Lexie for letting us borrow their movies:) )
    • Movie @ Home- Go to Walmart, buy a $3.50 tombstone pizza:) & Rent a $1.00 Rebox movie (just be sure to return it the next day)
    • Go on a hike (one of our FAVORITES:) This is more of a date “day” rather than a date night, but just wonderful to go walking & talking & just hanging out:) Eat dinner off the dollar menu at a McDonalds or a Taco Bell & this date can be under $5
    • Have a picnic. Go out in your backyard or to a local park. Pack an easy lunch (PB & J perhaps & chips). Just enjoy your meal & hang out. If you’re at the park, play on the equipment! This is FREE and FUN:)
    • Have a picnic inside. I’ve heard the advice to lay out a picnic blanket on your living room floor, add some sparking grape juice, an elegant meal of PB & J or an actual “elegant” concoction & have a fun time on the floor:) (We haven’t done this, because we’d just rather sit on the couch, but for you adventurous couples out there…have fun with this one:)
    • Bake Together (Yay for homemade cookies & milk & a movie/board game) speaking of….
    • Play Board games!!! Host competitions & have “prizes” for the winner. You don’t have to go as far as “prizes”, but I always like the extra competition motivator:)
    • Hang out at a coffee shop (& a) play board games b) have coffee and dessert or c) do both:) )
    • Walk around a nearby “downtown” area and explore the lil’ shops. My husband and I are both fascinated by antiques so we love this one (especially me, I love the walking and TALKING part:)
    • Go to a nearby University & just walk around the campus. Go to a cheap dinner beforehand (check out your local paper/ads for great coupon deals, like “buy one entre, get one free”) We don’t live far from Duke University so that’s a great one to just walk around and admire.
    • EXPLORE. Pick a city, look up the local FREE attractions, and just go there:) We LOVE LOVE LOVE exploring. This can be in the CHEAP budget range or the extravagant budget range; it just depends how much you’re willing to spend.
    • Go to a local museum…these are free. Yay! Get coffee afterwards (total $5-$10 for a great afternoon:) )
    • Climb a tree…I’m not kidding, this can be fun:) Better yet, have a PICNIC in a tree:) (You just gotta have the right tree though;-) )
    • Hang out at a guitar store and strum your “dream guitar” (I assume this would only appeal to musicians, but we love this!:)….especially when it involves picking out myself a guitar….maybe ONE day:)
    • Play the “heads tails” game. Start at a set location. Flip a coin., If heads, turn right. If tails, turn left. See where you end up:) I would recommend doing this in a city because out in the country it can get potentially pretty boring:)
    • Go to the Mall. Eat a cheap dinner at the Food Court & then check out your favorite stores.
    • WALK around your neighborhood. Walking & Talking is always great:)
    • DRIVE IN MOVIE!!!!:) We have one near our house that is $5/person. So we can take the truck, some blankets & pillows, and watch potentially THREE MOVIES for $5/person:) (I say “potentially” because we usually only watch the first one & go home when it gets to be about 11…we still have to wake up for work the next morning!)


    I do hope this ideas INSPIRE you! Happy “Date Nite-ing!”





Sermons on Marriage February 17, 2010

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I’m learning that one can never learn too much wisdom about the precious gift of marriage. It’s such a precious gift from the Lord. I’ll never be a wife who “has it all together”. I’m a sinner in need of my Savior, Jesus Christ. It’s only by his grace that I can attempt to pursue being an “excellent wife”. It occurred to me over recent days that I’ve focused so much on the “externalities” of building a home (cleaning, cooking, organizing, scheduling, budgeting, grocery shopping, decorating, etc. etc. etc.) that in my day to day routine I haven’t even given much THOUGHT to “internalities” of the home. I just figured they were already there; that I didn’t really need to work on them intentionally but that they would just “happen”. Ladies, I was wrong, and if we are truly to work at making our homes a haven to our husbands and families where the Lord is treasured & honored, then we HAVE to be intentional about it. We can’t just assume its happening because we go through our daily routine of “wifely to-do” lists. Below are a list of sermons that will help us all pursue loving Jesus Christ through our homes and families (the “internalities” I mentioned earlier). I’ve included sermons on “Biblical Manhood” and being a “Biblical Father” because I think those sermons help us as wives, understand what our man’s world is like, and thus love him better. I pray that you are encouraged by these sermons. Enjoy & Be Challenged!