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Faces January 7, 2011

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Look in their faces

A person, a story

Crafted by their Creator

To give Him glory


With Stomachs that hunger

Cuts that bleed, and

Tears that fall

They’re not different from me


But for a language & skin color

Our hearts are the same

Hopeless without a Saviour to save


I sit back & relax in my cold office chair

The faces I don’t see

Make no reason to care


I scoff with my actions and

Hoard my small wealth

Basking in successes

I’ve made for myself


But their faces they catch me and

Lure my mind in

To tell me the stories

That lie behind them.


They’re hurt, they’re lonely

They’re happiness fake

With no real joys to laugh at

And their façade breaks


I know, I’ve felt it

And been there in a way

But regardless of the kind

The same hope remains


I sit in the sin

That was conquered for me

And ignore their faces



Disregarding the blood

Spilt for their sin

And the Saviour that calls me

To go and love them


Disobedient feet

Go, and serve

Stubborn heart

Love the Lord


Walk in the power

Provided in Christ

Power to obey

And lay down my life


How will they call on Him

In whom they have not believed?

Oh Father, forgive me.


May the Lamb that was slain

Receive the glory due his name.