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Influence October 26, 2010

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Singer/Songwriter Emily Lynch posted a blog about role models today, particularly musical role models. So thanks to Emily’s inspiration, I began pondering my own musical role model. Here’s my response. Thanks, EmilyJ

My musical role model at the moment is hands-down, Christa Wells. She’ll probably never see this so its not like I’m trying to butter her up or something but it’s true. Christa inspires me for many reasons and here are a few of them in no particular order:

  • She has strong religious affections for Jesus, and from what I read, solid biblical convictions.
  • She is a wife, mother of FIVE children, home schools her kids and all while she is a successful singer/songwriter.
  • She is a singer/songwriterJ
  • Her lyrics are not merely “fluff” written to get a good-sounding tune on the radio but she seriously considers the lyrics of each song. She looks at her lyrics as art (I’ve read her posts and heard her words) & I think she does an excellent job of painting with words while avoiding corny, predictable lyrics all together
  • I love the way it’s obvious that she thinks deeply and carefully about each word penned in her songwriting.
  • She shares her music with others through recording and concerts. I’m so thankful. I love to watch her genuine performances (thus far- on YouTube- hopefully that will soon change:)
  • She doesn’t come across as “big headed” in the least. I’m sure she struggles with it at times because she’s human and all. But God has given her much grace to maintain a humble attitude while sharing her music.
  • She agreed to have lunch with lil’ ole me and didn’t know a thing about me. And THEN insisted that she pay for my meal when I insistently tried to pay for hers. Wuh? Treats me to lunch and doesn’t know me? I don’t think she gets how its supposed to work when someone takes u 2 lunch;-) Quite humble if you ask me & such a blessing.

And so, Christa Wells is my favorite musical role-model. You may not know her name but you very well may know her music (She penned GMA award winning “Held” performed by Natalie Grant in 2006 as well as other songs performed by Plumb, Point of Grace, Selah, and Sara Groves). If you haven’t heard her, you should check out her website here. I’m so thankful for such a an encouraging influence in my lifeJ

Now, you tell me. Who’s your role model? And feel free to give a description of whyJ


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