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I Love Hymns February 12, 2010

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As soon as I say those words, I know I will get so many responses that vary from, “I totally agree!” to, “WHAT are you thinking? They’re so OLD and out of date”. Well, no matter you’re response, this post is simply to share with you my heart about what I love (& don’t love) about the beautiful art of hymn writing.

1) They are useful to teach the singer about God’s Word.


2) The basis of hymn writing is Scripture and Bible Verses; not merely emotions.
Emotions are often deceiving. [Jer. 17:9] The only thing I love about traditional hymns are the lyrics. Hence, my third reason for loving hymns:


3) The focus of hymn writing is the lyrics.


4) Hymns are carefully crafted. It’s just cool how the lyrics were written with accents and particular rhythms in mind so that they could match certain music meters. There is purpose behind each syllable and rhythm. It’s quite a work of art. I’ll blog more about this later just because it’s cool stuff to know, but I’ll keep it simple for now;-)


6) Hymns remind the singer of the truth of scripture, regardless of the emotion behind it.
For example, Last Sunday, I didn’t quite “feel” the presence of the Lord. I didn’t spend time with Him alone before our Church Service. Did this make me unrighteous before God? No, Christ is my righteousness and I know God didn’t condemn me for it. But I did miss out on a blessing sweet fellowship with the Lord BEFORE the service and my heart had a very hard time focusing on His presence. My emotions didn’t feel like I was “connecting” with Him. The Lord showed me something extremely sweet in the middle of all my emotions.
That spurred my heart to claim the Truth of the Words I was singing even though I didn’t quite “feel” like them. After the musical worship, I just felt so encouraged by the Truth of God’s Word and through fighting to sing Truth, I the Lord reminded me of His sweet presence regardless of my initial feelings. Oh how SWEET worship songs can be when they align with the TRUTH of God’s Word.


with hymns:


1) The traditional organ & piano music that normally accompany them. It’s just not my thing;-) I’m not against it totally.
God cares most about the HEART behind singing praises to him, not the music!
Many people, myself included, can worship God accompanied by an old fashioned organ & piano. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just not my style and I don’t think it has to be….I mean, I’ve never seen an ORGAN mentioned in the Bible:)


2) Mindless singing behind them. But that really has NOTHING to do with the hymn itself, but with the worshipper.
No matter the style of music, the call is to repent, and sing praises to the Lord with sincerity of heart and in truth. [John 4:23]
The ONLY way a person can do this is if they are a child of God, because no matter hard one tries, they could NEVER muster up enough “goodness” to praise God the way they should. They need the regeneration of the Holy Spirit. They need the righteousness of Christ; not their own. Myself included.


So what’s YOUR FAVORITE HYMN and why? I’d love to hear your responses and hopefully enjoy finding a few new faves;-)



One Response to “I Love Hymns”

  1. rcottrill Says:

    Some interesting comments. And I agree that we need to hold on to our heritage in the traditional hymns and gospel songs. The church that drops them in favour of only contemporary songs suffers a great loss.

    As to organs in the Bible, it’s one of the first instruments mentioned! Check out the King James Version of Genesis 4:21. (Actually, the instrument was likely move of a flute, or a set of pan pipes, but at least the word is there, as it is in Job 21:12 and Psalm 150:4.)

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